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>> and carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide leak forces hotel guests to get out of the burlingame hotel. the was the what happened and why they were evacuated this morning.
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at the northeast is reeling from yet another storm after stupors super storm sandy. wall street 30 minutes after the opening bell after the yesterday's huge losses, more in a minute. >> it is a beautiful start to the morning but it is really chilly out there. the good news is the winds are starting to die down. crystal clear conditions, no problems with visibility. temperatures are sitting in the '40's and '50's. later on this afternoon we're tracking a cold front will approach the bay area with rain. it will be relatively light in nature but widespread. we will continue to see scattered showers and temperatures will continue to drop. here's a look at your satellite and radar picture is sitting in a clot counterclockwise direction. a lot of their rain is sitting off shore and we do have some wet weather. it
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will continue to spend and sag its way south. i will walk you through the timing of the wet weather in my next report. >> to start with a quick what bridget check with the bay bridge toll plaza is an easy ride coming from 880. there's a short back up there a little bit longer 80 to 20 minutes of your coming from the macarthur maze. the commute to the san mateo bridge is still pretty light one. we have not seen traffic began the slow and a solid 12 minute drive time. the volume is up a bit of their no delays in marin county for the 1 01 southbound ride. >> the number of people seeking unemployment benefits last week fell by 8000 to a seasonally adjusted 355,000 even though economists say the numbers are a bit distorted by the effects of super storm sandy. we'll have to see how
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those numbers add to shake up next week. stocks closed yesterday at their worst one the loss of the year. investors looking past election of focusing on bigger problems like the fiscal cliff had. also the ongoing issues in europe. right now 21 points on the good side 25,954. >> an embassy suites hotel had to be evacuated overnight early this morning because of a carbon monoxide leak. will tran is a live on the scene. >> what happened at 1:00 this morning the carbon monoxide came from a boiler that was warm in the water at the place. that forced a fire department to come out here and evacuate hundreds of people in the middle of the night. they were finally allowed to return about an hour-and-a-half ago. the windows are open probably just to continue getting that fresh air. here is video that we got about 4:00
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this morning when they finally allowed some people to at least be in the lobby as the fire department was going to the place. they're using a carbon monoxide sensors to make sure that the level was down. they knew was down in the traces of the boiler because once to turn off the boiler that was went deep level went down. finally they let people and slowly one floor at a time. fortunately each room has a carbon monoxide sensor as plaza hotel itself. that is what woke people up. we have to talk to one against tyrannous is what he had to say. >> i was pretty deep sleep i had to hang around 11:00. sometime after 1 there was a loud piercing alarm in the room and my initial reaction was that it was probably some kid with a prank. i hung out for a little bit silly put on my clothes figure out which was up and then after that i looked around outside and saw the there is actual first responders waving
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flashlights at best to leave the building. that is when i decided i guess i'd rather must go. >> a lot of people are tired this morning. there is another open window. some people had to cast their flights of five and 6:00 in the morning and there were baggy authorities to escort them please let us go back to roman grandma leavitt's we catch our flight. others that were here for business will probably cancel their meetings for what happened. the fire department has met at this cleared in about four hours altogether. they brought out ambulances but they were not needed because no one was injured. >> now there are the canceled and delays flights that these people may have been affected by. >> the nor'easter is pounding minorities' right now. rain snow in the head wind up to gusts of 60 mi. an hour. half a million people are still without
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power after sandy. mayor bloomberg urge people to get out if they could. he knows some people lot of harm's way those who had requested help. a lot of people chose to stay in weather the storm and deal with the effects this morning. >> i hate setbacks i do not tolerate them very well. this one i cannot control. the weather is what it is and i'm looking for the locus and pestilence next. >> that is the question what else what else? hundreds of flights out of that minorities were canceled and the ripple effects are going out everywhere. >> we're keeping an eye on it at sfo. only two flights were canceled this morning from new york. dozens of flights from the eastward
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cancel from yesterday. major you call ahead and check to see if your flight has been cancelled or is delayed. chevron plans to replace its pipes at the richmond refinery simi from the massive fire that happened in august. this is video from that. pitting and corrosion in the pipes caused this fire. the refiner is replacing its pipes with chrome alloy to prevent corrosion. the refinery has been operating at 60 percent capacity ever since the fire. chevron is hoping to repair the of the damage and restart by early next year. will we back with more in a couple of minutes. there's a look outside and our beautiful weather, sunshine l the liver in on the way so we'll talk about the timing of that storm in a couple of minutes.
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and now we're keeping our eye and gas prices around the bay as a continued drop. statewide average is $3.91 which is pretty close to both. san francisco is still looking at $4.50 for a gallon of gas. oakland and san jose at are at or below the state average at $3.90 and $3.88 a gallon.
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>> wal-mart will begin as black friday deals early this year kicking off on thursday and set a friday. they would jump the gun and everyone by a day. many wal- mart stores are open on thanksgiving with a special holiday promotions that will not begin until 8:00 p.m.. that is two hours earlier than last year. sears and best buy will be open by 8:00 p.m.. flying for a tax levy will be more expensive and crowded this year. 24 million people are expected to fly between nov. 60 to the 27. that is up by a hundred and 50,000 passengers from the year before. prices are expected to rise because fewer planes are flying as a result from higher jet fuel so they'll grounded some of their fleet. experts say consider booking as alternate airports for lower fares. flying someplace that is close but not >> you need to be booked now
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instead of waiting to fly for thanksgiving. the lesson of a lot of money in a good for years. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. not too bad on a thursday morning. we will be right back. =8
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my big problems and the last
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past the lawrence expressway on improved road. three lanes are black with an injury accident and is backed up the traffic beyond bird and all at the highway 87. this is one of those accidents that is likely to have a huge ripple effect freeways. it is likely to the fact is no. on ride on eight 80¢ so much of that connects here. on the guadalupe parkway also highly 1 01 were the traffic leads over interstate 280. southbound interstate 680 is the same freeway it just changes numbers when it crosses the bay shore. again as the left-hand lane to her black hair with an injury accident. the chp is about it is to alert which means they expect lanes to be bought for 30 or more minutes. we will update the drive time for your next report. a quick bridge check at the bay bridge ride
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things have got a little heavier as a metering lights have been slowed. we're looking at 80 to 22 minutes drive times. since the san mateo bridge last time we checked drive times were still 11 to 12 minutes. we have not seen things really began to bog down here. the ride for the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound looking at heavier traffic from the south tower down to the toll plaza. >> a live report of the east bay. walnut creek to be specific there is a check fell at a restaurant. mike pelton is on the scene to explain why people are camping out there and i think maybe getting a little pretentious. >> a relatively normal morning and walnut creek as the grand opening of the chicken fillet is now officially under way. is about 630 this morning and this parking not look the lot different. there about a
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hundred people camped out overnight to score free chicken fillet for a year. there a lot of people and tens spending the night in order to do so. this group is not the only one coming and flocking to this chick away. marriage equality usa is planning a process for 9 this morning. there processing what they describe as chick fillets donations to anti gay organizations. the company's president spoke out in support of traditional marriage a few months ago. a statement released by checks always says that the family -- restaurant values family and treats everyone with dignity honor and respect. the people out here just care about chicken, take a lesson. >> it is a free country, they are welcome to do that. >> if they want to process as their god-given right of it is not going to stop me and my love for check flight.
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>> is like summer camp. at the end you get chicken fillet for an entire year so a summer camp i've ever been to. >> these people are big fans of 6 08. group is coming out about two hours from now and it is not. they want everyone to hear their side when they get to walnut creek. that should be around 9:00 this morning. >> we will keep our eye on that and come back and visit you then. >> is a good thing the camp out last night because tonight they would of and wet. we're tracking the storm that is headed this way. >> it is just a little storm and it will hit this afternoon. it will be out of our hair right around two or 3:00. usc's scattered showers on the back end of this is a gorgeous morning out there in a cold one. arctic air associated with the system originating from the gulf of alaska. right now is currently spinning
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counterclockwise. all agree are your screen in the case light rain but we are dry right now for the entire bay area. no guarantees later on for cheap future cast four shows little of the clock approaching the north bay first and continue the march is when south 2:00 p.m. of the greater your screen indicates where we will see the light rain. we could catch a dry break for the communities north of the golden gate bridge and continue to see scattered showers mainly along the coast as we head into the evening hours. as the wake up tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. for your commute that looks like we're still dealing with residual showers right around the heart of the bay. you could be contending with wet road ways to give yourself a little bit of extra time. also you can see instances of thunderstorms because of all the instability in the atmosphere. we could pick up some light hail and gusty conditions, especially along the coast. in terms of the wind was really gusting earlier this morning what in the absence i down. 60 mi.
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an hour sustained winds for oakland and 15 in fairfield. does it take a look of your numbers '40's and '50's 49 degrees and napa and 50 in daly city. into the afternoon we will not remove the temperatures by much. low 60s at best. fremont's 60 degrees 61 for mountain view and cupertino and i chilly one and the east bay. mostly cloudy conditions and we are keeping the rain in mind. 59 for concord 58 for castro valley in hayward and the north bay will see the wet weather first 64 not out 59 in santa rosa in downtown stamford cisco looks like it's coming in at 57 degrees. kron47 there on the bay show scattered showers and to the morning tomorrow and pass that dry but unseasonably cool conditions. monday could be the warmest of the week of mostly sunny skies and most folks of the day off for veterans day. it looks like the rain chances creek right back up as we head into tuesday and wednesday.
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>> workers and the united, with the united food workers union will be renting outside iran the grocery store and alameda. the store's employees walked off the job for the sunday after 50 months of contract negotiations that broke down. the main take a point appears to be a proposed change to the health care benefits. in a statement released said " it is clearly understood that our company must reduce our operating costs so we can become more competitive because advanced more competition. there is no indication as to when negotiations will resume. >> last month andrea's shorter enjoys news that form the committee to defeat supervisor christie not calling hill. she is one of the supervisors who voted to give mercury me his job back as ever shared last
7:22 am
month. shorter and new staff plan to make the recall official next week. the mayor was suspended after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor count of false imprisonment stemming from a new year's eve of the argument where he grabbed his wife and bruised her arm. >> a live look this morning from our roof cam where things are flying over the city at the moment. there on this afternoon erica has been talking about rain coming into the mix here. we [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait.
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>> an update on the deadly meningitis outbreak the death toll has increased to 31 in the number of people affected has risen to 420 in 19 different states. the madison givens of those matters those patients was recalled in september. >> there's a new study that finds cardiac some cells might help fully repaired damaged hearts. researchers find that patients use with their own heart stem cells had a more flexible heart muscle and their hearts " pump more blood efficiently and had half a scar after treatment.
7:26 am
>> exercise could link in your life even if you are overweight or obese. 630,000 people were tested and they were found that regular moderate intense exercise could boost life expectancy even with a high batting body mass index. doctors said that healthy way people who don't exercise had about three fewer years of life to look forward to. doctors recommend it to to three hours of the rigorous exercise two to three times a week. >> yes you may be watching on the treadmill, a lot of people are. good for you. we'll be back where only about 50 minutes away from gary radnich this morning. amazing saw highlights th right back.
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>> we are tracking a hot spot on interstate 280 in northbound direction. us and multicar injury accident is blocking the left hand lanes northbound at wolfe road. is backing up traffic now through downtown san jose. see also starting to affect the ride on 880 northbound as well as northbound on the guadalupe parkway periods no indication yet from the california highway patrol when they will get this crash cleared. >> we have rain on the way of but you would not looking outside. a crystal clear start to the morning the chilly out there and we will see an increasing cloud cover this afternoon and you'll certainly need an umbrella. tomorrow we have the possibility for scattered showers into the morning hours with dryer by the afternoon. overall dry conditions into the weekend the temperatures are still
7:30 am
unseasonably cool. satellite and radar we're tracking the rainy can see is pushing his way out of eureka and and the ride in the bay area. how lucky to the tiny with future cast four coming up in just a bit. >> new this morning and hotel in burlingame. everyone is back in this morning by the people that stayed there had to get out early in the morning because of a carbon monoxide leak. the san mateo county fire department showed up to handle this at and so boulevard in burlingame. one person did have to go to hospital with what they believe was the of to poisoning. will tran is live on the scene and he will have more on the resolution and the investigation in just a couple of minutes. winter weather revisory remains unaffected the east coast. as the hartford conn., on the snow coming down thanks to the nor'easter passing through the region bring in on a mix of rain and snow just a week after super storm sandy. that is now slowing the
7:31 am
recovery effort in that area. it is estimated to 4 in. could snowball in those areas of the next 24 hours. we could feel the effects and this area and the way of flights. >> things are actually pretty, out here at as have all right now. there are few flight cancellations and the east coast to talk about but nothing as bad as it was yesterday. on the heels of super storm sandy some 20,000 flights were canceled just a couple weeks ago. now we have this other east end other storm we saw about for 200 flights affected. i've is a not that many sfo. yesterday was a couple dozen. we had a chance to talk to some travelers read back to philadelphia washington d.c. and the boston area. so far their flights have not been affected but i talked about what may happen.
7:32 am
>> philadelphia and i think it is still going on. it is not cancel yet. >> what you heard about the weather back there? >> crazy with and is storm coming back again. >> allow flights were canceled. the one on a supposed to be taking off so i hope that it is and i can get to where i'm going. >> the lot of people are helping just that. the best advice is collier carrier before you come to the airport. make sure your fright is not affected. the three airlines and most effective ad as f o r jet blew delta and american.
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>> it looks on likely that voters have surpassed with they did in 2008 in terms of turnout. yesterday afternoon the final cowskin man in about nine and half million ballots were cast. that compares to about 10.4 million ballots that were counted in 2008.
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all come back to the kron for more news in area to avoid 280 san jose. north bounds. the three left lanes were blocked the chp reported that they expected it lines open momentarily. not until it jammed up the traffic all for san jose on 280 north down. also affecting the northbound on 880, 17, and the guadalupe parkway northbound. drive time is running from downtown san jose toward cupertino over an hour as traffic is virtually at a complete standstill for miles on 280 more. >> thank you george. of the bay area that lies in contra costa county a man accused of killing a retired
7:41 am
hercules schoolteacher is set to enter his plea. darnell washington and his wife tanya washington are charged with the victim's death. neighbors found her inside a house with several stab wounds after she fell to pick up her husband from the airport. they are also charged with a crime spree in southern california. >> will bring you the latest as the case developed rough morning. >> in the north bay in early man was struck and killed in a hit-and-run accident. 93 year-old alvin hesse was struck when he was riding in an electrical mobile's older. he was taken to the hospital and later died off. after a surge of the area he's identified as 85 year- old joe lee perry has been booked and napa county jail. >> and 11 month old baby girl is in the hospital after she fell out of a third story window. she fell yesterday afternoon 30 ft. in some bushes. she was airlifted to the hospital we
7:42 am
do not have the extent of her injuries. we know that she was admitted as a critical trauma patient. investigators said the fall was a terrible accident. >> it is at a 40 2:00 a.m. we will be back with more in a couple minutes on this thursday morning. we will be right back let's take a live look at the approach to the bay bridge.
7:43 am
7:44 am
will come back to the kron 4 morning news we are still attracting a hot spot in the
7:45 am
south bay. interstate 2 a northbound on wolfe road or the left lane to block. the chp reported they hope to get the lines open soon. it has been a one hour drive time for northbound 280 traffic. the centers have holes in them. trust is solid read all the way up. it is back up of the guadalupe piparkway. that is putting pressure on 101 northbound 880, and more about guadalupe parkway as people are tested to find an alternate to the mile-long parking lot which is now the 280 freeway in the northbound direction. the three left line to block. chp not confirming but hoping to get lines open shortly. looking at the rest of your commute your ride on highway 80 westbound to the bay bridge toll plaza. the drive time syrria lebraun 18-22 minutes depending on whether you are approaching from the nimitz the east
7:46 am
shore or the maze. the san mateo bridge ride. looks good. we have not seen the double-digit drive times that become so much the norm. your ride to the golden gate bridge 101 south bound an easy trip with light traffic at last check. your ride for the south tower down to the toll plaza. it is 7:46 a.m. lead as a look at the weather here is erica. >> it was a or shot. we have high clouds in the distance changes are coming. satellite and radar shows were the storm system is passing eureka. making its way closer to ukiah and and later this afternoon. the timing 11:00 approach is the north bay. we will continue to see id impacting most of the bay area and to 2:00 p.m.. light green indicates relatively light in nature we will seek its scattered showers into tomorrow morning. in terms of your
7:47 am
temperatures is called. 49 fairfield. 54 for san francisco. 59 and copper. 59 in san mateo. oakland at 60 degrees. 654 half moon bay. a winter weather advisory for the greater tahoe area. two to 6 in. of fresh snow. winds stay at 50 to 25 m.p.h.. snow levels could drop to 2,500 ft.. gusty conditions along the passes. bring your chance for interstate 80 and highway 50. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a dry conditions in to the weekend. it looks like the rain chant continues as we head into tuesday and wednesday. >> good morning gary. >> hey daria. >> by all accounts nobody
7:48 am
that was the youngest student assistant for usc on his own. >> you deflate the ball and the idea is easier to get into throat. >> exactly. i don't know about the thrilling but it would be think about trying to catch something soft as opposed to something hard. whiow. that was the usc student assisting he was trying to help his team out. if there is chicanery going on or if there is someone at a higher level nudging the kid. the kid did that on and on. >> i know that the school was reprimanded they got a fine. and they lost the game. >> once you learn something new this morning i think it all on the poor young kid who has been let go from his job. >> is all on the kit for deflating the ball a little bit beyond regulation. i understand the sticky stuff.
7:49 am
remember the sticky stuff on the tilowel by the san diego chargers. >> you have to be both to do that is to get your school in trouble and more to the point lose your job. just think about it if i throw something to you that is softer you could just bring it in. throwing it i don't hit. but catching and i can see. >> we will see how andrew luck looks today an encore performance from last time. that could be spectacular. >> of course i bet you are leading to that they had all the players on their team or most of them shave their heads in honor of their coach. he is battling leukemia. >> what is the status on him? >> on the coach. >> the last word is that he is in remission and hopefully he can, that is a target date the last game of the season was december 30th. that he could come back and coach. this would.
7:50 am
but his luck is just fantastic. those who saw him at stanford for that run it is not a big surprise. to replace peyton manning and be that good that does not happen too often. >> i don't know if he has a girlfriend i am trying to remember. christian ponder has a girlfriend on espn. >> someone told me on the radio that yesterday. >> samantha steele. she is a good-looking girl. if the quarterback does well we did not say anything about the girlfriend if he does not we are as-we would say he is faltering because of the girlfriend. >> cannot ask a man when he is in love how this is going to affect anything. you did not care. >> i whether it is a girl or a guy the reporter on the
7:51 am
field what is the point of that. >> you stand there for an hour and then somebody in your ear piece says you are on but did not take longer than 20 seconds. >> then say some question that the coaches or to say the same enter to i did not disappoint. >> i have never seen the young lady had never recovered. ponder is real good though. when you are in love nothing else matters. >> here is a player this season 35 touchdowns and 232 carries. 1,911 yds plus 65 tackles. >> this is a girl she is eight years ago. i just want to show the video of this girl sam gordon. tearing up the field. >> she is 8 years old right? >> she is playing with a nine year-old boys. most of the kids in this division.
7:52 am
watch this she picks this up and whashe runs. heard that posted all of her vid 3eos. --video. >> a few sports boxing and football i did not know if i would want my daughter in that. the older you get the game becomes silent. you have a voice there will be bigger than you kidding you. right now it is queued i just. can i say that. i just did not like it for girls. >> where can she go with this you look at this amazing skill. she outdid the boys on every level dog named the starting quarterback. she is eight. what happens when the kids are all 111214 and 15. she took a lot of tackles. giving this video is really cute she is dominant look at her.
7:53 am
>> would you be interested in meeting the parents. to see if she is under control or if they think we have the next great star here. >> i still love this she is from utah you can check this out on you too. she tackles players it is amazing. at a year so you cannot be there. >> first season she switched to soccer. >> all right young lady. >> see you gary.
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the east is still reeling from super storm sandy. a powerful nor'easter delivers another bl givinthe storm pounded no. it was no rain and wind at 65 m.p.h.. a steady eye on homeowner his house was damaged there is as a new storm is pushing him to the limits. >> everything that i on this here and i've tried to save it. >> yesterday's new york mayor michael bloomberg urged those in certain areas to go somewhere safe for. >> it to be some major flooding in spots already eroded by sandy. the difference here is that the barriers of sand or rock that were there before perhaps are not there. >> the storm is creating a potentially deadly situation for those without power after sandy. it puts recovery efforts on hold. >> we got back our power on last friday in his back out today. i am frustrated as a word. >> dangerous conditions on
8:02 am
the road stranded some drivers. >> cars were not going anywhere cars stuck and nothing was open. >> at the saudis' new representative in the wild weather in stride. >> we got through this we could get through anything. the storm also caused about 1500 flights in and out of this region to be canceled with a ripple effect still being felt state. >> live on staten island i am emily schmidt. >> thank you emily as you mentioned a sby cancels oblat. there were dozens of flights from as that of the or canceled yesterday because the storm. you want to check the web site check your care call ahead do whatever you need to do. to make sure your flight is not the later cancelled so you did not show up at the airport and end up having to wait. >> live in the weather center with erica we are taking a look what is going on in the northeast and in
8:03 am
our never would. >> that is right daria. the nor'easter is not that impressive of a system. what is amazing is how close it came after hurricane sandy. the green and yellow on your screen indicate where seem moderate to heavy rain. the blue and purple indicates where scenes no-fault. yesterday's the win was the same as 60 mi. per hour. storm surge is 3 ft. possible. there's always a concern for a downed power lines and trees. of course the impact on public transit as well with the icy roads. the good news it looks like it's moving out of the new york city area. the expected about 6 in. of wet snow for the downtown area. again not that big a deal as we take it over to our local weather. if we have cloudy conditions had our way along with that we will see what weather to the afternoon. temperatures will climb into
8:04 am
the upper 50s low 60s. that is all because of the storm system we are tracking here approaching the bay area. out of eureka pushing into ukiah. >> erica we are still monitoring if big delays in san jose on 280 in the northbound direction. all plants have been cleared of the accident. before wolf wrote. it blocked three left-hand lane spirit it back up the traffic be on highway 101. it jammed up 17, 87, and 101 north bound all of which collconnect to 280 and the north bound election. avoid the freeway on 280 north bound stick to the freeways you will definitely save yourself some time. again all lanes have been reopened but as you concede it has jammed up the ride even affecting
8:05 am
northbound highway 85. james'. >> thank you george watching wall street this morning the number of people seeking unemployment benefits last week fell by 8000. to a seasonally adjusted level of two large 55,000. economists said the numbers have been distorted because of super storm sandy. stocks on the downside. we have the dow -34 12,00898. the s&p down three nasdaq down seven. and a loss of the year. investors looked past the election and began focusing on the real threat of the fiscal clip we talking about and of course the global markets are a problem. >> 8:05 a.m. is a time you this morning in burlingame people had to evacuate a hotel because of a car monoxide leak. we will find out more about what happened we go live to burlingame with will tran.
8:06 am
>> this is one business stripped some guests will not forget. the reason why there were sound asleep and all the sudden they got a recorded message over the loudspeaker you have to leave. it turns out the carbon monoxide came from a boiler the was malfunctioning. finally around 5:00 a.m. they finally allow people back in after being in the cold and the dark for approximately four hours. in his video that we got of a hotel guest. they either were forced to say in the parking lot or some of them if they all crammed into the hotel lobby with the doors wide open to let the carbon monoxide escape the building while the firefighters were going through. they knew it was the boiler because once they turn off the haz mat team went through the area and then they saw levels drop. we got a chance to talk to some hotel guest here is what they had to say about this unforgettable trip. >> 1:30 a.m. the alarm started going off to our room telling us that there was an emergency and we
8:07 am
needed to evacuate. so we came down the stairs. >> there was a lot piercing alarm in a row my initial reaction with thas that it was a poor kid with a prank. after putting on my clothes i looked outside and saw the actual first responders waving flashlights to leave the building. >> i thought i was smart and grab my hotel keys like in the room. i should grabbed my car keys so i can sleep quitwhile this was going on. lesson learned on ballot. >> even though the haz mat team came out the paramedics good news to pass along no one was injured because there were quickly backed waievacuating. >> 807 is the time will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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we are back the time is 6:00 pm. the man who shot rep get real gifford in the head will be sentenced this morning at 9:00 a.m.. he pleaded guilty to 19 counts including the attempted assassination of a member of congress. she and her husband plan to appear in court for the sentencing. her husband will be speaking on behalf of the family. the suspect fired shots at a meeting read it last year. he pleaded guilty in august for exchange to avoid the death penalty. >> and contra costa county man of his of killing a
8:11 am
retired schoolteacher is set to enter a plea to murder charges. darnell washington and his wife tanya are charged with the teacher's death. neighbors found her inside her home she had been stabbed to death. they went there because her husband called and said she did not show up at the airport to pick him up. the couple also faces charges for a crime spree in southern california. >> workers with the united food and commercial workers union will rally outside a grocery store this morning in alameda for the fifth straight day. the union employees walked off the job on sunday. after 15 months of contract to go chaises broke down. the main sticking point is proposed changes to health care benefits. in a statement they said is clear to our coverage was reduced its operating costs so we can become competitive against nonunion competition ". at this point there's no indication when negotiations will resume. >> what would you do for a chicken sandwich. a really
8:12 am
really good chicken sandwich. about 100 people in the east bay camp out for a chance to win a year's supply will talk more about that coming up in a live report.
8:13 am
8:14 am
we're back is a 2:00 pm we want to go live to chick fillet.
8:15 am
>> things will be busy in walnut creek you're just driving by here now may look like a typical day at this chick filet officially opens in walnut creek. this parking lot looks a lot differently just a couple of hours ago let me show you some video from early this morning there were about 100 people camped out in the parking lot. that group are receiving coupons for free chick the lay for a year. they tell me that justifies spending the night. that group is not the only one here at chick filllet. the protester group is protesting chick fillets anti gave donations. you may remember the company's president spoke out in support of traditional marriage if you want to go. that has helped sparked some of the protest. in a statement from chick fillet
8:16 am
they said the company values all people and treat everyone with dignity, honor, and respect. the ing away from their own beliefs. >> maybe they did not like chicken but it seems like to me the tolerance is not acceptance. people have been tolerated for their views of the history. we do not have to accept everybody's views. if you take god out of the picture there is room for anything. >> the group of protesters certainly have their own thoughts and beliefs. we will let you hear from them when they come out here in walnut creek about 45 minutes from now. james' i did speak with one of them on the phone he tells me about 400 people on facebook have said they will come to the protest. he doesn't expect that many people to actually show up but whoever does show up they tell me the protest last throughout the day. >> very good we will watch and wait thank you much like
8:17 am
we will be back to you for the update closer to 9:00 a.m.. >> 8:16 a.m. is the time we have an update for a hot spots. george was the latest? >> lanes are cleared on 280 north dow before wolf wrote for the three left lanes were blocked for about 45 to 15 minutes. the traffic was jammed up to the south bay not only on interstate 280 north bound but on 6/80 south. also on the other freeways that are joined it to to 80. that means a 80 about into los gatos in to the dominant valley for the guadalupe parkway and backed up to highway 85. north bound 101 slows from before 280 in south 680 is backed up until milpitas. the drive time to get on to cupertino from downtown san jose on 280 north is running at near an hour. looking at the
8:18 am
bridges as we appear bay bridge ride it is loath it looks as though there may be a stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge the metering lights look at their plant down. we see the back of started to stall it was improving. of the san the tail bridge we have yet this morning to see the double digit drive times that been the norm for the last month and a half. perhaps the caltrans work was causing this problem is finally wrapping up. look at your ride to the golden gate bridge source speak for marin but better speed across the span. we would check the weather next year's erica. >> good morning george's view of what the golden gate bridge however we do have some big changes talk about. we did have dense fog to 10 contend with. you could see clear conditions as we take it out loud about tam cam. the green on your screen indicates light rain
8:19 am
in nature spinning in a counterclockwise direction. now the rain is in eureka passing it will close a two ukiah we are trying the bay area for now. futurecast 4 predicts into the 11:00 hour the rain is starting to impact the north bay could afternoon late morning hours. we will continue to see increase in cloud cover light rain as we had to 2:00 p.m. today. you want to drive with extra caution on the roadways could see scattered showers of the back end. it will just be a light rain. you will need an umbrella. not only for this afternoon but into the evening hours overnight and waking up tomorrow morning. as we take a look at the temperatures is cold. 48 in santa rosa. 47 of oakland. in the afternoon upper 50s low 60s. 58 for milpitas. 61 in mountain view. earlier
8:20 am
this week we saw record- breaking temperatures climb to near 90 degrees. concord at 59. 574 alameda. the rain will start in the north bay and santa rosa coming in at 59. 58 propelled. downtown san francisco 57 and 56 if you're heading burleson beach. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain could linger into tomorrow morning. into the afternoon and looks to be dry. the same goes for saturday and sunday. monday looks pleasant. lots of people have the day off because of veterans day. the rain back and forecast again as we head into said wednesday. daria. thanks a lot erica. >> the state average forecast is $3.91. oakland is $3.90. san jose $3.88. both paying less than the state average. . this will
8:21 am
go down by if you really add up about 75¢ of the last couple of weeks. >> chevron says it plans to replace the pipes at its richmond refinery this fall stems from the massive fire in august which contributed to the elevated gas prices we're just now recovering from. several says that tinning and corrosion from the pipes caused the fire and a crude unit no. 4 saw the refinery replacing those pipes with chrome alloy pipes will prevent corrosion. if the refinery has been operating at 60 percent capacity since the fire broke out. chevron hoping to repeat--complete the repairs and start early next year. >> share for ross mirkarimi is going to be the best-she
8:22 am
was one of the three supervisors who voted to give mirkarimi his job back last month she was defeated by london agreed to deny. they both plan to make the recall official next week. mercury was suspended by mayor ed lee after pleading guilty to false imprisonment related to an argument which he grabbed his wife on and got bruised and called police. it interrupted into all the we witnessed this past year. >> a 20 2:00 a.m. is a time will be back with more and amended as a live look at our mount tam cam. you can see it is pitiful. this will change tonight will be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news added to the leas with our 280 hot spot in san jose is a big reagan that stalled out in the midst of what had been a back up to an earlier are occurring accident. now at saratoga go on of the right hand lanes is blocked by disabled big rig. it is fully loaded and there is no iindication how soon the lanes will be cleared. it is backed up the 17, 880 ride. >> thank you george. on to the latest across the country new video coming out of war chester
8:26 am
massachusetts where they are slamming the east coast impacting the job reports. they came out with the latest numbers and it showed that there people apply for unemployment benefits last week. economists say it was because of hurricane sandy. not only prevented it from filing a want to file but also had a number of facilities knocked out without power. they were not able to process the applications. they're looking for an adjustment to come. the dow is still off not too badly. 25 points down at 12,009 to seven. the nasdaq down nine points. keeping an eye on wall street also bring him back to the bay area we have an update on the muni bus that was torched after the world series celebration. police have made another rest. take a look at the video is what they posted on line to get tips coming in from people. a by standard took this. odyssey people torching the bus and smashing the windows. police announced
8:27 am
they had made a second arrest in the case it happened last night they're still looking for several other suspects. >> in fremont and 11 month old girl is in the hospital after she felt window. she fell 30 ft. down exactly she landed in some bushes which probably saved her life. she was airlifted to the hospital we do not know this extent of our injuries we know she has been admitted as a critical troubled patient. investigators said the fall was a complete accident. the time now as a 20 7:00 a.m. we will be back with more in a minute. the sec a live look at san jose traffic 101 southbound of the right hand
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> the guadalupe parkway is backed up to the on and then valley here at 17 northbound its backed up all the past los gatos on and northbound side trying to connect with interstate 280. a tough ride free this morning on your drive out to cupertino. use surface streets instead. you're looking at one hour drive times for the 280 northbound drive. >> sunny but cold conditions right now but major changes into the afternoon. we're tracking the storm headed our way. will see light showers later on today into the evening hours and we do
8:31 am
have the potential for scattered showers into tomorrow as well. with all of that instability in the air we can pick up an isolated thunderstorm with that gusty winds and small hail especially along the coast. here is where the storm is right now with the coal from pushing through wrapping around here just passing through your rica moving its way closer to ukiah. i'll walk you through the timing of this coming up straight ahead. >> and hotel in burlingame has been evacuated because of a carbon monoxide leak earlier this morning. san mateo mateo county fire crews say that one person was taken to the hospital. we talk with will tran earlier he said norm was injured. it was a car monoxide the his the people on the sidewalk. we will get a live report from will tran coming up in just a little
8:32 am
bit. >> the poor east coast boy have they been battered. in winter advisory remains in effect right now this is video from hartford conn. the nor'easter is passing through with rain and snow and wind and it is just in a week since sandy. they're still trying to recover and they are still without power as well as damage. they have between two and 4 in. of snow in some areas. this is also having a ripple effect right here to the bay area. there is some at risk of being canceled for flights. >> after cibber's from sandy some 20,000 flights were canceled or delayed. airlines had to start catching up and then the nor'easter had the east coast. yesterday we saw about 1400 flights canceled. not that many at s.f. 0.
8:33 am
when they had 30 flights canceled today. things i spoke with the spokesperson and that he said that toll plaza on had been affected today. three departures and nine arrivals. they were going to fairly jfk and newark. if you're blind to any of those locations check your carriers. -- philadelphia >> philadelphia i think it is still going on. >> what you heard about the weather back there? >> crazy the new storm coming and... >> the lot size for canceled and the one that i'm on is supposed to be taking it off and i hope that it is so i can get to where i'm going. >> of the good news is that it seems things are getting better. i spoke with a
8:34 am
spokesperson at sfo and he said even though there 12 cancellations coming in and out today everything should pretty much back to normal by tomorrow. >> devil we much-needed relief for all of those travelers. -- that will be >> when the things we discovered is that the democrats regained the majority in the california senate which gives them the ability to pass just about anything they want including a tax for trees -- increase if they choose to do so. is the first time since 1965 the they have controlled the supermajority. it is also the only time california passed a proposition since 1948. to have that strong majority they have 27 of the 40 seats in the senate that looks like they're also closing in on the same supermajority control of the assembly. totaling the final
8:35 am
election ballots but it looks like we're headed that way as well. they'll have complete the complete control of the legislature. cal state will be joining other students for a walk out to push prop. 34 funds. this fall by the general assembly and that will have dinner as well as a sleep out tonight. this happens to follow fall on the anniversary of occupy cal. whenever students gather on campus will be watching. it looks to be fairly peaceful, at least that is the plan. >> let's get a live look at our roof from san francisco. you can see all the sunshine but things will change later on today. we will be right back.
8:36 am
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that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. so call now to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. that includes access on-the-go to our entire national wi-fi hot spot network, with over 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >> we and the video and to kron4 from the nor'easter. this is from providence ryland. they're trying to get a jump on the snow as they are expecting anywhere from 24 and is a depending on the area --2 - 4 inches.
8:39 am
back in the bay area after a couple of days of peace we had a little chair up chill in union square. the safeway how the ice rink is officially open yesterday morning. >> some new details this morning about the samsung is smart newest smart form the galaxy pass 3 --s 3 is sold more than the iphone. the iphone 5 will read likely reclaim the top spot as the current portal. twitter send out e-mail to users today prompting them to reset their passwords because of a security problem. tech crunch said
8:40 am
that they usually send out these type of the males win at the number of accounts pact has been significant. users will receive an e- mail and should very well reset their passwords. >> coming upper after all the media hype goes down i go back to the widow. in the next edition of people behaving badly.
8:41 am
8:42 am
we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that.
8:43 am
>> live pictures coming in from new jersey were governor chris christie is speaking on the nor'easter that rolled through overnight. again this is on the heels of hurricane sandy which they are still trying recover from. >> to have the safety and security of knowing that their homes won't be looted it not only because state
8:44 am
police are there but by the very visible presence of the national guard. i can take questions now. the good news is out on the phone this morning like an army ambush the head of the utility companies. i believe that with the exception of the few out liars some of the various islands have, especially the ones between point pleasant beach in seaside heights with the exception of those i think that most people will have power by saturday. this set as back probably a day 24 to 36 hours maybe but i believe you have everyone back on line by late thursday friday
8:45 am
so this pushes us to late saturday early sunday at the latest. we did not release any of our assets we kept them here so we kept all the help we've gotten and we're housing and feeding them and getting back to work. the public should know this. the men and women of the utility companies are working 16 hour days. they're working 16 hour days every day. i know and i say this again that a lesser power is turned on that does not mean anything to you but i'm telling you i have watched these people work. there were working last night in the snow. in the places where the wind and with the 40 mi. an hour they just work right through the snow storm. >> we listened to live press conference from governor chris christie talking up the challenges they are facing as they recover from now one but two storms that hit new jersey hard. utility
8:46 am
companies a 60,000 people who did just have their the lectures the restored are back in the dark again as a power is now out around new jersey. >> we are about an hour and 15 minutes away from jarrett lawson are coming to court. he is a man who shot rep gaby gifford wounding are and 12 other people and killing six people and tucson arizona in january of 2011. he will be getting his prison sentence, life in prison. a hearing got under way 50 minutes ago when the cal campus is also having activity this afternoon with processors students joining other protesters and a walkout to use property funds to reduce tuition and school cuts. >> we're also telling the latest with wall street and the pulp it opened positive
8:47 am
at first but it has gone negative by 20 points. the nasdaq is down nine. we have some jobless claims, this morning showing that claims fell by about 8000 last week. we are cautioned that sandy had a lot to do with that and that may not be authentic numbers will have to wait for them to be revised in just a bit. >> (male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... running stop signs, riding on the sidewalk. for exactly two hours from noon to 2:00 p.m. i walked around the wiggle in san francisco watching bikers. >> it drives me nuts and every day i have to watch out may try don't hit one of them. they have to update history laws like everybody else. >> this man is riding with no hands which i'm not sure is not a legal writing running a stop sign with no hands it is. in fact the two
8:48 am
hours i was there i literally saw only four writers actually stop out several dozens. i came back to the area known as the wiggles to know what it was like after the media hype died down. and hey street and it was all the same. wiggle writers treating stop signs like they don't exist. the last time i did a segment on by girls and a ban on the lot the books for decades. many were upset have the courage to tackle this problem. courage other e-mail's came man and i was called every name in the book and some names that were not even in the book. >> the law says you to watch out for the bicycles cause they're like cars and they may run you over. >> i tried to talk to some
8:49 am
bicycle us on camera but they declined. one person tell me by creditors need to stop. they do, it is a lot. when they get a bite to it all got on and not smell and in the owner's manual it says to follow the rules of the road. most people do not want to, plain and simple. you can reach me at my facebook page at kron4, stanley roberts. >> i am tracking a couple of new problems. first let's talk about interstate 280 which has been a mess for the last two hours now. it started with a big accident at wolfe road in cupertino and then at saratoga in the midst of the backup a big rig stalled blocking a lane in jamming of traffic all the way into downtown. look a what is done to 680 in the southbound direction. it is
8:50 am
backed up solidly from well before the 281 01 interchange. another problem for 680 this time closer to send all southbound and is backed up traffic da lin to dublin from highway 84. extremely slow going and it will be heavier getting into this and all grade right now. the ride to the bay bridge westbound even though the metering lights are slow dramatically the backup is diminishing it fairly quickly here. the 880 approaches hardly backed up all and we cannot see the in the back up that comes from 8580. from this in detail bridge ride we of not less doubleday's seen the double digit drive times that have been the norm for the last month and a half. perhaps it is because of construction delays have finally wrapped up. looking at your ride to the billing gate bridge in heavy traffic once again from the south tower down to the toll plaza with
8:51 am
intermittently heavy traffic along the presidio parkway leading down to the new dole drive bypass. >> the picture tells the story we have been looking live from our mt. tam cam throughout the morning and is an relatively clear. you can see all the clouds starting to push and, gray skies are coming. that is all i had of the cold front that we are tracking and had pushing a lot of our to gear into the bay area. we have been watching the system rotates. it was off shore and we start the broadcasts and in a sense past eureka pushing its way closer into ukiah as expected to hit the bay area later on this morning. these are cast for a set up for 11:00 or even see some light rain reaching the north bay first. a lot of clouds associate with the system by 2:00 p.m. wet everywhere. we may have a dry break for the spots north of the golden gate bridge but again this is coming from the coast line. as far inland as livermore in tracy to pick up some
8:52 am
light rain as far south as morgan hill and gilroy and will continue to be scattered showers along the back end cloudy and cool conditions. waking up tomorrow morning as well around 5:00 a.m. you can see some scattered showers from the heart of the bay. allow yourself extra time and set your alarm clocks and a little bit earlier because we do have wet road ways to contend with. temperatures are still called out their 52 for fairfield 48 for center rose the and it will not warm-up by much into the afternoon. san roof fell on the climb to 60 degrees in san for oakland. downtown san francisco checking in at 5759 for concord 58 expected in hayward. the bay area they use a translates known to the sierra. we of the winter weather advisory and tilt a factor until friday. sustained winds at 20 is funded by miles per hour so certainly drive with extra caution especially along the passes. 7 day around the
8:53 am
bay forecast shows dry conditions into the weekend, mild for veterans day in the rain returns as we head into tuesday and wednesday. >> we will be back with more in a couple of minutes it is 8:53 a.m.. is quite nice out right now but erica said we do have some rain on the way. we will be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
and my 8:56 a.m. and in the wake of decision 2012 at palo alto residents say they voted against a measure that would allow the mayor on a dispensaries to open in the city. they rejected measure c which would have a 4 percent tax on all the spencer's sales. city leaders and oppose that despite the additional cash.
8:57 am
>> today is the day that everything changes. winter weather is inbound with rain this afternoon. we'll get more updates in the 9:00 hour but the afternoon commute will likely be a wet one for you. don't let the dry conditions will you right now it will be coming in later on this afternoon. it will be cool for the weekend saturday and sunday 69 degrees and winds up 59 at the bay 57 of the coast so we're pretty much locked into a cold winter type pattern here. at least for the next few days. >> coming up we will keep an eye on our weather which will change. also we're watching wall street after a huge drop yesterday it started up but is now down by 20 points, rob black will be in with the winners and losers. more coverage of the winter from the east than
8:58 am
your easter is slamming the east coast pyriphlegethon
8:59 am
9:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> could morning the top stories process began walnut creek after they check fly restaurant. sentencing is under way for jerry blocker person who shot gaby gifford and killed six others in tucson. the northeast reeling from another storm on in the week after sandy, there still try to recover from that one. >> we continue to monitor delays in the south bay on interstate 280. the northbound direction and the ripple effect of the numerous problems with had here. the accident northbound at wolf wrote and installed big break at saratoga near the 17880
9:01 am
interchange. traffic is still backed up all the way through downtown although it is getting a little better on the guadalupe parkway to around 17 northbound. we continue to see the laser on the 680 southbound for the sun all grade with traffic backed up on the dublin leading toward highway 84. that is because of a lake accident that slow the southbound 680 ride. >> we will take a live look outside the golden gate bridge, you can see the clear skies and a little cloud cover increasing. we're expecting changes into the afternoon. you can see this cold front entry in the cold arctic air and increasing cloud cover. it is already bringing moisture to northern california and that is headed our way i will tell you when you can expect those showers coming up in the next forecast. >> back to the east coast and what they're dealing with first sandy and now the nor'easter. it is whipping the north east on wet snow
9:02 am
rain when in power lines are down. from delaware to main you can see this conditions. on the right there is video out of providence rhode island. this complicates the restoration efforts from sandy where people are still out of power right now. they're still cleaning up after the super storm that killed more than 100 people in the region and knocked out power to millions. so far this morning the ripple effect is just a half dozen flights out of s f o have been cancelled. the airlines are encouraging you to check with your carriers and make sure your flight is running on time. we'll continue our live coverage at sfo within the next half hour. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits last week fell by 8002 adjusted 355,000. this is linked to sandy as well because the
9:03 am
numbers are distorted because of the storm. it went from 375,000 that is slower the unemployment rate. sandy not some people out of contention. it definitely affected the markets and wall street this morning. what's affecting austria's yesterday we open positive today but it did not last long after the biggest plunge of the year which happened yesterday. we are down 29 points trading below 13,000 at this hour. in just a few minutes into the sentencing that is getting underway and arizona for jerry lawson are who shot and killed six people and wounded 13 including tucson arizona rep. gabby gifford. she is in court as well as her has been this morning. the victims' families are making
9:04 am
statements this morning before he is sentenced. he pleaded guilty in a plea deal to avoid the put the death penalty. he is expected to spend the rest of his life behind bars. sexaul and walnut creek is now open it opened this morning chick-fil-a look second is still a pretty active scene out there. the protesters >> the protesters are starting to show up just a short time ago. they rights reporters have a process plan for 9:00. -- d gay
9:05 am
>> you may remember the president of cit filleted spoke out in support of traditional marriage a few months ago and that helped spark some of these protests. the protesters will be out here all day with signs and flags and say that they have one goal in mind. >> my message is just a but the visibility and of face to the gay people are or being hurt by this discrimination that comes along with this one and one woman message. it is really us at snide way of saying there's a position called marriage and we can have it and you can't. you are not equal to us and that's not right because i am. >> a few of these protesters have already been greeted by these people clearly do not share the same beliefs. there are people in cars yelling things like that i cannot repeat on tv. they feel differently with than these people out here. there is a
9:06 am
security officer to my side to make sure that nothing gets out of hand. it is important of it should reflet police a statement to me saying that they value all people and treat everyone with dignity, honor and respect. this is expected to lasted throughout the day and grow much larger than this the group uc on your screen there. >> the check fillet that opened in the bay area we see it every time controversial and also very popular. lots >> lots of people camping just to get their hands on some of the chicken. at the same time you have this group using the grand opening as a backdrop to support their platform and their message as well. >> coming up a hotel evacuate in the middle the night in burlingame. we will tell you what happened there. also a live look at san jose and the traffic 1 01 north on the traffic is slow but there is lots of
9:07 am
sunshine. we'll have the latest on neighborhood weather and a couple of minutes.
9:08 am
9:09 am
and the man accused of killing retired hercules schoolteachers and zito will enter a plea of murder chargers. darnell and his wife tanya are charged with close white deat those deaths.
9:10 am
the embassy suites in burlingame was evacuated overnight because of the carbon monoxide leak. will tran as an live there this morning talking to those gas to the early wakeup call. >> those guests are in a hurry right now because they woke up late after having to have a crash sleep basically for two hours ourself. that man in a white car i tried again to do an interview he said is in a rush probably text in right now because of that car turned into his bed when he and about 400 other hotel guests were forced to evacuate around 130 this morning. carver monoxide was coming from the boiler. here is the only at around for this morning where people were told to either stay in the parking lot out in the cold and a lot of them came out in shorts and t-shirts or they could just cram themselves into the hotel lobby which was still safe for them on the firefighters are going to the hotel to
9:11 am
make sure that the carbon monoxide level was safe enough for them to return. the carbon monoxide came from the boiler because they trace it back to the bowler and turned it off and sure enough the levels wet down. at a chance of the fire chief and here's what he had to say >> there were several hundred people in the hotel and we had to evacuate them until we could determine the cause of the source of carbon monoxide. we determined it was coming from the malfunctioning boiler and that has been isolated and shut down. we have been elated the hotel and we are now working with the environmental health and county health department to make sure that these rooms are safe to occupy. >> not only did they rush at your the firefighters and fire trucks but they also had a haz mat team. dated quite simple check and sure enough they went down as soon as the boiler was taken
9:12 am
offline. the good news is the boiler can serve many purposes the did not serve the purpose of beating the water for the showers. people only at a few hours of sleep but they were able to take warm showers instead. the boy the reviews for the pools and spas area of. because they evacuated people so quickly no one was injured. this is the first >> this is the first one we of scene because we use to have a car monoxide problem. people need to make sure the detectors and in our homes are working. >> fortunately each room has a sense there as well as aid giants since our overall over the boiler. that is why the hotel was able to alert the fire department. they said uses as a reminder for your own individual house. have the center is available for upstairs and downstairs and if you can for each room because people are warning their houses
9:13 am
with logs and generators and lots of things going on so this is definitely a shot for everyone. >> we will be back with rob black with today's winners and losers and a couple of minutes. what appears on the surface
9:14 am
9:15 am
to be an understated example of unequaled american achievement, is actually an extremely sophisticated apparatus of goodness and flavor, bonded together by a perfectly aged, all natural, tasty... gooey... blanket of love. >> rob black financial experts here to break things down. you wanna start with
9:16 am
samsung? >> the galaxy x3 outperform the iphone last quarter. that is big and congratulations to samsung. it probably won't happen again as the first time in the high end category that they be in apple. it's bad news for apple no doubt. now we're moving on to what does this mean for apple? at is meaning less >> we saw a shake-up of management and our scene in lose ground. it almost if you were to react and knee- jerk why is it you would get scared. >> stock is not as all-time high but it is up for the year. they said they may open a factory here in the united states.
9:17 am
>> they just cannot keep up the demand? >> right. >> use of the amazon video let's take that back. i guess they're launching the ability to sell wine on there website. >> i love that i know what i will be doing the rest of the day. a six-pack of - $6.99. they did season in digital books and digital movies and diapers and now they're getting into the wine category. not every state or that are down washington wyoming i'd say about 12 states are allowing it. most states will not allow at this point in time. i like the idea and large part. the customer in the is. face to those who will and the customer reviews and i can go to amazon find out what america thinks is the best one. in some places
9:18 am
google ability to sell eds because people use this surged more. >> let's talk about shopping. wal-mart announcing that it well the after-hitting people with of the crack of dawn and if the sales for the shopping season. wal-mart is jumping the gun hours ahead of everybody else. >> why can thanksgiving just be by thanksgiving? the thursday at 8 the stores will open and if you're there attend the ipad 2 will be sold for one hour 16 they that why fire edition for 3 $9,399 they're really going after as much as they can get their hands on as fast as they can get their hands on it. -- $399 i would just get a couple bottles of too much up and forget about their arrest. who needs an
9:19 am
ipad? >> let's talk more about sales. starbucks, this is kind of interesting that a partnership with a company called square. that have an act that allows you to pace yourself with your cellphone. >> is the future of payments and that has arrived today. you can download and act on your phone or i've android. there'll be a scanner week of the bar coding from the scanner and you are done. airline tickets can be partners like this. the days of handing a card to a clerk is coming to an end. we'll be playing with their phones sooner rather than later and i like it. >> as is light and tools wallet services and password services. it's going to the cell phone. >> they do transactions cheaper because merchants love it and they get their money faster.
9:20 am
>> thank you and we will see again, i guess we'll see you on monday. >> 9:20 a.m. as the time and we'll take a look at the weather with the rain is on the way. >> we are ready scene changes and a view from our mt. tam camera. there is increasing cloud cover. we're expecting scattered showers of the day and lee- the evening as well. take a look as satellite and radar where are getting wet weather to the north of us. that will approach into our area starting off in the north bay. we'll try that for you on future cash for any currency by 11:00 a.m. cassandras area will be free fast-moving growing widespread by about 2:00. it'll be chilly and cloudy and windy and wet. pretty fast moving so by 10:00 still dealing with lingering showers especially for the
9:21 am
clothesline. we could be waking up with some showers among morning as well. there commute could be a wet one. temperatures have had a pretty chilly start and warming up 53 in san arose as well as anathema this '50s currently in san francisco currently 6057 inside redwood city. it of the a chilly day in from getting to about 60 degrees for san are fouled as afternoon. 64 face filled and that this is serious and hayward is expecting upper 50s. there's a winter weather advisory in effect for sierra tell about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. they're expecting about two to 6 in. of snow and getting about when best from 25 mi. per hour. use extra caution if you were heading out it will be a little to address. 7 day around the bay shows us will be dealing with the wet weather through out
9:22 am
tomorrow and there could be some lingering showers on saturday. it looks to be mostly drive through the weekend but we're still getting only to the upper 50s or 60s as we start the next work week. the local off again in the chance of showers by tuesday. >> we're finally starting to unwind our hot spot on interstate 280 and northbound direction. but as an for several hours from san jose to cupertino. it's affecting the ride on an index and the guadalupe parkway northbound. they're all trying to connect up with the interstate to any debt as a parking lot with about an hour's drive time between 1 01 and 80 on 205. traffic is finally starting to move. we're also seeing improvement on the six as an old ride. it was jammed up in the southbound direction with breaks in the backup foot beginning to show. he testified 80 and 84 single turn off the southbound side-delayed here with a
9:23 am
late accident for six days ride south. but the averages the bay bridge is unwinding well and you cannot see in the back of your of the over crossing. this and the tail bridge last couple of days and had much better conditions. we have not seen the for a while now with 22 minutes drive times that were so typical. the golden gate bridge is lighter now with no problems reported from iran on the 1 01 southbound drive. >> it is 9:23 a.m. and will be back in a couple of minutes. sampras is the police make an arrest and the vandalism of minibus denied the giants won the world series. we'll have the latest on that. right now the sun even c.s. trip of clouds and our mt. tam cam. we will be right back.
9:24 am
i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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9:27 am
and the group of women with major financing political backing is planning to recall supervisor christine not our issue. she is one of the three people that was to bring back the governor. mayor cream was an update on the muni bus that was destroyed after the giants to victory. police have made an arrest. there's a video they're using to try to find the vandals. several people are responsible, they said the bus on fire and smashed out windows and caused about a million
9:28 am
dollars of damage. there is a second arrest in the case last night. they are still looking for others in relation to this. and in north bay man was killed in a hit-and-run accident yesterday. so he was crossing studly street at history and sonoma. he was writing an electric mobility scooter when he was struck and killed. after a surge in the area police did find the driver who has been booked into the napa county jail. we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes. as a live look from walnut creek where aid process underway. and the chick-fil-a it opened and there are a lot of happy customers to. another live look and you can ese the sun shines over the rest of the bay area right now. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
9:29 am
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[ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. down on fleer live in walnut
9:31 am
creek were there as a crowd at the new chick-fil-a. not just of customers also protesters. so let's go live to our cellar for earn no pelton to find out what's going on right now. >> the process is certainly picking up here. there doesn't sell people with signs and banners supporting their cause. they're protesting what they describe as chick-fil-a is a monetary donation towards anti-gay organizations. the company's president spoke out in support of traditional marriage a few months ago. that helped spark some of these protests. this group is using this particular location. this chick-fil-a isle its grand opening just a few hours ago. these protesters are using this as a backdrop to send a message loud and clear. >> the message is that human rights are for everyone. you
9:32 am
cannot discriminate on the the basis of sexual preference, color, religion anything. >> as you can imagine there are people who do not agree with this group out here.riverso the parking lot and yell things that i cannot repeat on tv. they certainly feel different and share different beliefs in this group. it is important to know that chick-fil-a released a statement saying that the company values all people and treat everyone with dignity, honor and respect. this class for out today and as you can imagine it will certainly grow a lot larger as the day progresses. >> it is interesting that these people were camped out an earlier you saw actual campers in tents because they love chick-fil- a so much. >> is certainly a love, hate relationship out here. about a hundred people camp out overnight and they receive free chick-fil-a for a year.
9:33 am
a few hours after that we are now these protesters show of protest against chick-fil-a. you certainly have all sides out here this morning. >> lee has a new video and of the man accused of killing a hercules woman and a in her home on october 5th. he is in richmond this morning. 24 year-old darnell washington and his wife tanya are the ones who killed 55 year-old retired this is schoolteachers and zito and the course of the robbery/burglary carjacking. he is now going to enter a plea next week. both washington and his wife could receive the death penalty and this murder case. that is brand new video into kron4 this is morning of that getting under way in court in richmond. early this morning in the dark at a bowling game
9:34 am
hotel these guest had to be evacuated in the middle tonight because of carbon monoxide detectors going off. the fire of the partners of and there was a leak at the embassy suites hotel on and all hotel and an early gain. all the people got out ok and they have defined our that leak was coming from. it was a boy of boiler and now everyone express the back end. 934 a m and there are hot spots this morning. >> there are new winds and light winds. 680 and this an old gray ride if has southbound traffic pretty much delayed. from the dublin entertains passes and no interchange highway 84 and the stretch. it hasn't backed up 580 westbound, that is the slow enough. also on the peninsula and san carlos redwood city is
9:35 am
slow going from sfo down pass highway 92 past hillsdale the and stars as slow again at lawson and remains a heavy through redwood city, volley into palo alto. laid peninsula delays on the southbound side. the bridges continue to do well as we checkedy toll plaza of the bay bridge still some lingering delays coming in from the east shore freeway. from the macarthur maze and the 880 approach is no longer backed out. we had better speeds today the man seen in quite a while from the san mateo bridge. we did not get into the double digits stopping no conditions here. by double digits i mean 22 minutes drive times. it is staying at 111230 minutes where should be all day. the golden gate bridge ride crews are busy reconfiguring the bridge. they have taken away one of the southbound lanes in order to accommodate more northbound traffic as they moved to a
9:36 am
midday lanes configuration. >> this the view from our roof cameras and there's been a breezy and chilly start to the morning. it is also been for a beautiful but we are expecting changes. satellite and radar shows the system approaching ushering in cool air as a was an increasing cloud cover on the northern part of california. i will tell you when we can expect the showers in just a bit but for now we are heading over to daria. >> we are following national weather and that nor'easter is sitting the east coast. this is video we have from fanatic it for the snow was coming down and blowing too. they have win with this, rain, snow and it's just a week after sandy. they're still turning on their feet. they still have and a lot of areas have no power. about half a million power i think still have no powers of this
9:37 am
makes it more difficult. our workers are working around the clock from last night and is now trying to restore power to people. we could feel the effects from this storm all the way back to the bay area in the form of canceled and delayed flights. so we are monitoring what is going on with as at all with jackie sissel. >> things are getting better about your site in the super storm sandy. most airlines had started to catch up about 20,000 cancelled flights during sandy. now there is this the nor'easter is heading the east coast now. about 1300 flights were canceled yesterday and another 600 today. it has not been that bad sfo. s. trade or 30 cancel flights and things are getting better today. a second look at numbers of you are out as of today. these are the cancellations they're in effect right now according to sfo spokesperson. there are 12 cancellations and nine that are rivals and three that are departures.
9:38 am
the airports that are most lives the affected are philadelphia jfk and newark. as of close c.s. a we have 30 cancellations today is that about half. i had a chance to talk to them earlier today and he espouses saying things getting better and flights going out. he thought the tomorrow everything was back to normal. as good as everyone will be traveling in the next 48 hours or so. we will be back in a couple of minutes.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
among the details going on with their red lawson are while he is being sentenced this morning. he shot and killed six people and wounded 13 including gaby giffords and tucson last year. he is not going to speak at the sentencing. he did plead guilty. he is 24 years old and expected to
9:42 am
get life in prison for that shooting rampage. debbie giffords and her astronauts husband are and b in the court room. twitter says that you should raise set your passwords because of the bay packer. when they send out these e-mail's there have been a significant number of accounts that have been hacked. they will not release how many accounts have been hacked but who ever received their e-mail's should reset their passwords today. will be back with more and a couple of minutes and tell you why this woman is feeling patriotic after this woman named her children after to patriotic and opposed politicians.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> we have new results in from this morning from palo alto on a measure that would have allowed free medical marijuana dispensaries to open in this city. 62 percent of palo alto voters rejected measures see which would have added a 4 percent tax on all dispensary its sales. it was opposed despite the additional revenue. cal students are going be joining other campuses today in a walkout pushing for using property funds to reduce tuition in schools cuts. the rally was set for noon and berkeley followed by general assembly followed by a a sleep out. today's movement also happens to fall on the one-year anniversary of the occupy cal movement. there is footage from last year. democrats and gain a two- thirds majority in the
9:47 am
california senate giving them the ability to pass tax increases and other measures without the need for republican votes. as the first time since 1965 the democrats have controlled the supermajority. it is the only time that california voters passed prop 13 to 2/3. they will control 27 seats in the 40 member senate and they're closing on the margin in the assembly after tuesday's election as well. here is an extreme way to get to the opposite side of the aisle together. a mother out of kenya gave birth to twin boys and named them brought obama and mitt romney. the 20 year-old mother you see here lives close to the very same benefits and kenya where president obama and father was born. in case you're wondering it will be hard to tell them apart between them
9:48 am
without the blankets. maracas and the white blanket and little mat is on the right. >> how was elected rob with those names? interstate 680 in the snow great is a slow 12 online. there is a southbound accident in traffic that remain fairly heavy so we have not seen a lot of relief yet. this is true that you have otherwise been held up farther south of here 680 ride. you're really does trading on back up for another one. we have not seen much improvement for the south 1 01 ride which is basically slow from sfo all the way down to palo alto and behind schedule. an accident and an accident and near menlo park backed up the ride. we are still slower than we should be for the 1 01 southbound drive.
9:49 am
the bay bridge continues to see some slow improvement on the right side. there's hardly any waiting at all. for the san the sale bridge as we mentioned also morning better conditions and we have seen in weeks. the west on ride at. this a sad and a warrior tracking more than better than average speeds. the golden gate bridge is light enough in the southbound direction that they have added an extra northbound lane a little ahead of schedule. >> this is a view from our mt. tam cam we're starting to see cloud cover build this morning. there are some showers headed our way going widespread into the afternoon hours. we will still be dealing with some lingering showers into the evening hours as well. satellite and radar shows the fed system injured his ankle arctic air that is already bringing rain to northern california. is that it our way and looks like it's going to push into the
9:50 am
area later this morning. the attractive for young future cash for and by 11:00 a.m. the will make its way into the north bay. it will grow widespread pretty much with light rain indicated by the green color on the screen. into the evening hours it will pretty tacky in nature and the special along the coast and in the morning we can work out the week up to scattered rainfall. it is starting to warm out of her fifties and a lot of upper 60 degrees in redwood city 64 in sunnyvale. it will not warm-up too much and only the upper 50s the north bay today. 60 degrees for sandra fell in upper fifties and low 60s for the south bay this afternoon. winter weather rate weather advisory in effect until about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the sierra. a safe anywhere from 2 to 6 in. of snow and winds getting up to about 25 mi.
9:51 am
an hour. the snow could drive down to about 2,500 ft.. 7 day around the bay shows lingering showers may be some thunderstorm in hail showers as well. tomorrow we could be dry but pretty chilly only getting into the upper 50s. a looks like a will on monday and another chance of showers by tuesday. >> near this morning and chevron will replace its pipes at the richmond refinery stemming from a massive fire in august. chevron says that pitting and corrosion caused this fire anchor unit no. 4. the refinery is replacing the pipe with chrome alloy to prevent corrosion. it is an operating at about 60 percent capacity since the fire. they hope to complete the repairs and a certain number for early next year.
9:52 am
workers are rally outside there really is a grocery store and alameda today. this is the fifth day and a row of protests and. they're protesting their contract negotiations which broke down after 15 months of trying to come to an agreement. the main sticking point is health care benefits. really says that it is clearly understood that our company has to reduce our operating costs to become competitive against nine union competition. they no indication as to when or if the negotiations will resume. it is 9:52 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes. we will see why the office in colorado has a case of the machines.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
the money they're getting a lot of munchy food and colorado at the governor's office. between the chinos and a cold fish. there is an amendment that fully legalize pot in that state. marijuana advocates delivered goodies to the governor's office yesterday. some say it is what pot does give some the munchies. it is still a legal under federal law so the governor is warning supporters do not break out the snack foods just yet. we will have to see how they reconcile this big difference with federal and state law and colorado. the holidays are here and snow is the haul it and so is a holiday ice rink. and union square it was officially opened yesterday. this is the fifth year you can go skating in union square. that is it for us to thank you for joining us we
9:58 am
will see you later. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today? then switch to at&t u-verse tv. add the wireless receiver exclusively from at&t, and you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. move your tv wherever you want in your home...even outside. [ megan ] call now and switch to u-verse for just $29 a month for six months, with a total home dvr included, free for life. add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. plus you can bundle tv and u-verse high speed internet with speeds up to 24 megs. [ male announcer ] our total home dvr lets you record four shows at once... and play them back in any room. every channel is in 100-percent, crystal-clear digital picture and sound. and you can upgrade to get 170 hd channels --
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